General Code of Practice

Western College is an independent community-based organisation that contributes to the well-being of the community through the creation of opportunities for lifelong learning and vocational education, and the development of educational pathways and services for members of the community.

To Achieve this Western College will:     

  • Regularly consult with staff, participants, tutors, clients and the community generally, and work collaboratively with business, industry and other local organisations and educational bodies to best meet the community's needs wherever and whenever possible.
  • Ensure that programs and courses will be of high quality and reflect the principles of adult learning. Western College will recognise and appreciate participants' individual needs and learning styles, provide opportunities for negotiated learning and self-directed learning, encourage ongoing evaluation and positive reinforcement, create an appropriate, relaxed learning environment, and establish pathways to other learning opportunities.
  • Treat all participants with dignity and fairness, acknowledging the adult environment in which the College operates and the experience and life skills participants bring to it.  
  • Ensure that adults have access to courses and services regardless of educational background, gender, marital status, sexual preference, race, colour, pregnancy, national origin, ethnic or socio-economic background, physical or intellectual impairment, and religious or political affiliation.
  • Deal professionally with all those with all involved - employees, teachers, trainers, learners and the community at large - and remain true and ethical in all its dealings. Western College will observe its duty of care to all these people and will be open and transparent in its dealings with them, to the extent permitted by law.
  • Respect the rights of staff, participants, tutors and clients, and treat them fairly and ethically at all times. In return, the College expects these people to observe their responsibilities for the welfare of others and the proper care of the organisation's property when engaged in activities conducted by the organisation.
  • Exercise sound financial management in all areas of its operation, including the control of the organisation's assets, and plan, monitor and regularly report on the College’s progress against its agreed goals to ensure continuing viability.
  • Be ethical in all dealings and observe all relevant legislative, regulatory, industrial award and funding requirements.
  • Be a fair, equitable and supportive employer, meeting financial and other obligations to employees promptly and efficiently. Western College will encourage them to participate in further education and provide them with opportunities for further professional development.
  • Exercise sound financial management in all area of our operation, including the control of the organisation's assets, and will plan, monitor and regularly report on our progress against our plans to ensure our continuing viability.
  • Provide facilities that ensure the welfare of our employees, trainers, participants and clients.

 General Code of Conduct

Western College endorses the professional and ethical conduct of all representatives of the College. Representatives include:

  • Members of the Board
  • Management and administration staff
  • Trainers, assessors and contractors
  • Any individual, group or organisation representing the College

Representatives of the College will:

  • Observe the highest ethical and professional standards at all times
  • Be fair and ethical in all their dealings on the College’s behalf
  • Be courteous, honest and display a positive attitude towards others in the workplace. All communications should be friendly, professional ad respectful of the rights and opinions of others
  • Comply with our Values, General Code of Practice, General Code of Conduct, Policies and Procedures and with all legislative, regulatory, industrial award and funding requirements relating to the areas of activities for which it is responsible
  • Contribute to and cooperate with our efforts to provide a safe and healthy working environment for those who use our premises and training venues including persons under the age of 18 years.
  • Assume a duty of care for College premises and equipment or premises and equipment hired for College use
  • Safeguard confidential and personal information regarding the College, the staff, participants or clients

College Representatives will not:

  • Behave in a manner that is detrimental to the operations or reputation of the College in any way
  • Discriminate (in any form) against, harass or mislead or endanger the welfare of another person in the workplace
  • Make comment in any publication, written, television or broadcast that criticises or is to the detriment of the College or its image. the Board Chair and the CEO are the only persons authorised to make comment about Western College and its employees in any form.
  • Use College equipment of premises for personal use without the consent of the CEO
  • Commit a criminal offence that involves College equipment, resources or employees
  • Use offensive language or personal abuse to threaten, or abuse others

Legislative Compliance

Western College is committed to ensure our practice complies with relevant commonwealth and state legislation and regulatory requirements.

Staff and clients are informed of legislative and regulatory requirements that affect their duties or participation in education and training.

The following list is not exhaustive but provides reference to the main areas of our business that require legislative and regulatory compliance;

  • Corporations and fair trading
  • Work health and safety
  • Age, disability, racial or sex discrimination
  • Employment and fair work
  • Consumer protection and privacy
  • Education and training delivery

For general advice from the Department of Fair Trading before signing up for a course, please click here